ANTI - AGING Workout Collection

ANTI - AGING Workout Collection

Anti Aging - Soul Vida signature Anti Aging Collection

7 Videos + 2 Audio


Join Makita as she guides you through 7 complete 20- 30 minute workouts including a Detox and Unwind and 2 Guided Meditations. Each signature workout is a whole body workout.

Soul Vida's Anti Aging Collection will help you turn back time and shed long term stress and tension infusing your body, skin and emotions with the power and grace of longevity.

Sculpt, Flow and Rejuven8 your body on all levels.
Experience renewal and vitality, with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

1x Soul Flow Signature Detox ( 6.05 min )
1 x Soul Flow Vitality ( 20.37 min )
1 x Cardio Sculpt ( 30.34 min )
1 x Sculpt & Flow ( 30.29 min )
1 x Sculpt & Breathe ( 30.27 min )
1 x Heart Flow Yoga ( 30.10 min )
1 x Restorative Zen Inner Healing Practice ( 12.21 )
2 x BONUS Guided Meditations -
Breathing Space
Meditative Calm

This digital and audio collection is available to download immediately.
All content is beginner friendly.

Suggested Equipment
Water Bottle
Workout Towel
Weights 1-3kgs

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ANTI - AGING Workout Collection
  • Soul Flow Signature Detox

    Soul Vida’s 5-15 min signature energy flows are moving meditations that will leave you calm, relaxed, centered and flowing with positivity.

    Duration: 5-15 min

    Intensity Level: Beginner Friendly
    Instructor: Makita Gabriel

    Suggested Equipment-:
    Soul Vida Mat
    Water Bottle
    Workout Towel


  • Soul Flow Vitality

    Soul Flow Vitality is a yoga inspired signature anti aging class filled with inspiring flows to detox, energize and stretch the body,
    combined with meditation to quieten the mind, open the heart and replenish the soul.

    Pure Magic.

    Intensity Level: Open
    Class duration: 30-60 min
    Equipment: Ma...

  • Sculpt & Breathe

    Sweat, Sculpt & Breathe your stress away

    A slow flow sculpting class that will streamline, chisel and tone your body.

    Soul Vida Signature class with the best of yoga and Pilates inspired SLOW FLOW moves with hand weights.

    This class has been designed to stretch, tone and flex every muscle in y...

  • Heart Flow Yoga

    A flow yoga-inspired class, for those seeking a balance of heart-opening, compassionate awareness, balance and stretch-infused postures. Heart Flow builds deep focus on awakening the power of breath, yin and yang balance, flexibility, alignment, forgiveness and inner peace.

    Level: Open Level

  • Sculpt & Flow

    Weight loss, Tone and Body Transformation and Inner calm

    Sculpt + Flow is a fat-burning and body shaping class designed to create a strong lean body the Soul Vida way, incorporating functional flow, core strength and resistance training with hand weights. Breakthrough limitations and streamline,...

  • Restorative Zen -Inner Healing

    Restorative Zen - Inner Healing is a soulful and deeply healing guided meditation. uniquely designed for body, mind and spirit well-being,
    Each meditation guides you into a peaceful oasis of inner healing and balance, relaxation, harmony, compassion,
    self -awareness and inner clarity of being. ...

  • Cardio Sculpt

    Cardio Sculpt is a pilates and yoga-inspired class that delivers fitness, body conditioning, tone and flexibility. Turn back time with this energizing blend of flow yoga and sculpt that enhances your yoga and pilates practice in one easy-to-follow class.

    Hand weights are used to sculpt, stretch ...

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