Join Makita on a 10 day journey of total body and mind transformation, complete with 20-30 minute full body workouts, heartfelt flow yoga practice, and restorative and relaxing guided healing meditations that support your whole being.
You'll workout, stretch, tone, meditate and transform.
You'll feel inspired to awaken strength and flow in your practice, building resilience, inner peace and determination.
You'll see yourself in a new light. Confident, calm and strong!

10 Day Total Transformation is a journey of training your body and mind, while you nurture your inner spirit to great heights, on and off the mat. You'll experience the joys of rejuvenation and meditation, the power of toning and streamlining your body, while your body and breath flow as one. Each Signature workout is a whole body workout.

Rise & Shine Yoga ( 30.33 )
Sculpt & Flow ( 30.29 )
Soul Flow Warrior (20.22 )
Cardio Flow & Tone ( 30.42 )
Core Power ( 20.37 )
Sculpt & Soul ( 30.34 )
Heart Flow Yoga (30.10)
Sculpt & Breathe ( 30.27)
Sunset Flow Yoga (20.24)
Sculpt & Tone ( 20.01)
Stretch & Medit8 ( 20.00 )

Restorative Zen - Inner Calm ( 10.34 )
Restorative Zen - Inner Healing Guided Meditation (12.21 )

Guided Meditation Audio Tracks include:
Breathing Space
Peace of Mind
Still Waters Run Deep

This digital course is available immediately after purchase and consists of 11 videos, 2 Restorative Zen Inner Healing Meditations and 3 guided meditation audio tracks.

Suggested Equipment-:
Soul Vida Mat
1-3 kg hand weights
Water Bottle
Workout Towel
Yoga Block
Eye Pillow

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  • Rise & Shine Yoga

    Rise + Shine Yoga is an inspiring yoga class combining flow yoga to stretch and energize the body, balance and alignment poses to focus and quieten the mind and mindfulness to start your day feeling positively energized, refreshed and calm.

    Level: All Levels (Beginner Friendly)
    Duration: 30.32 m...

  • Sculpt & Flow

    Weight loss, Tone and Body Transformation and Inner calm

    Sculpt + Flow is a fat-burning and body shaping class designed to create a strong lean body the Soul Vida way, incorporating functional flow, core strength and resistance training with hand weights. Breakthrough limitations and streamline,...

  • Soul Flow Warrior

    Vitality, Rejuvenating Flow, Anti-Aging and Inner calm

    Soul Flow is our signature range of yoga inspired Anti-Aging classes.

    Turn back time with simple-to-follow choreographed movements, combining the very best of breath synchronized flow, dynamic stretching, body-mind balance and core alignmen...

  • Cardio Flow & Tone

    Cardio Flow & Tone is an energizing and challenging Intermediate level class to take your fitness to the next level.

    Sculpting moves using resistance training to stream line the body, breath synchronized cardio moves and strengthening flows for the body.
    All of this and more while you ride the p...

  • Core Power

    A soul-infused signature core sculpting class designed to rejuvenate and intensely strengthen the deep core muscles of the body.

    The class includes the best of pilates inspired core moves that will challenge your core, reshape, streamline, tone and condition the body.

    Level: All Levels

  • Sculpt & Soul

    Sculpt & Soul
    Sculpt & Soul incorporates the best of pilates inspired body sculpting moves for a maximum calorie burning effect
    combined with breath awareness to deliver the best of sculpt and the bliss of meditation in one easy to follow, fun-filled workout
    Dynamic cardio boosting and sculptin...

  • Flow & Align

    Flow & Align is a hybrid class, bringing together the best of yoga-inspired flow and the mind-body energy balance of Soul Vida’s breath synchronised signature moves.

    The class starts with a gentle detox sequence and ends with a lying down meditation, to help you unwind, restore and deeply relax....

  • Sunset Flow Yoga

    A vinyasa -inspired class, for those seeking a balance of restorative and stretch-infused, flows as the sun goes down and day becomes night. Feel the relaxation and release of tension, while building flexibility, alignment, stress release and inner peace.

    Level: Open Level
    Duration: 20.23 min

  • Sculpt & Tone

    Sculpt & Tone is a 20-min soul infused sculpting class designed to rejuvenate and intensely reshape the body.
    Sculpt & Tone is a dynamic body toning and sculpting class that delivers inner and outer balance.

    The class includes the best of selected Pilates techniques fused with the best of Soul V...

  • Stretch & Medit8

    Stretch + Medit8 is a relaxing yin yoga-inspired signature class delivering the best of longer-held stretches and breath-infused guided meditation.

    Peel away years of stress and tension in one easy-to-follow deeply restorative class where you’ll gently stretch the body, calm the mind and surrend...

  • Sculpt & Breathe

    Sweat, Sculpt & Breathe your stress away

    A slow flow sculpting class that will streamline, chisel and tone your body.

    Soul Vida Signature class with the best of yoga and Pilates inspired SLOW FLOW moves with hand weights.

    This class has been designed to stretch, tone and flex every muscle in y...

  • Restorative Zen -Inner Healing

    Restorative Zen - Inner Healing is a soulful and deeply healing guided meditation. uniquely designed for body, mind and spirit well-being,
    Each meditation guides you into a peaceful oasis of inner healing and balance, relaxation, harmony, compassion,
    self -awareness and inner clarity of being. ...

  • Restorative Zen - Calm Mind

    Restorative Zen - Calm Mind on the mat awakens deep inner calm in body, mind and breath.

    Restorative Zen is our signature range of soulful 10–30-minute guided meditations on the mat uniquely designed for cultivating inner peace.
    Awaken deep relaxation and quiet introspection to help you dissolve...

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