Medicine for the Soul Meditation Collection

Medicine for the Soul Meditation Collection

Join Makita as she guides you through six heart felt guided meditations for relaxation,
rejuvenation, body mind integration and energy balance.

Medicine for the Soul is a journey into the heart of well being.
You are hard wired for peace, relaxation and living from a place of heart.
The Body is your temple, and it’s where you live every moment of your life.
Choosing to awaken to the power of who you are, expands your vision and possibility
of being your most inspiring, authentic self.
So make it your mantra every day, to listen to your heart and follow it!
In your thoughts, words and actions make love your goal.

Medicine for the Soul Features:
1.The Power of Meditation
2.Breathing Space
3.Peace of Mind
4.Meditative Calm
5.Still Waters Run Deep
6.Temple of Healing
and a bonus Restorative Zen Inner healing meditation.

At Soul Vida, we believe our TRUE NATURE is relaxed and inner peace is our birthright, so we’ve created our own unique recipe to help you open the door to your inner sanctuary where meditation and relaxation is literally just a breath away!
We’ve taken ancient energy wisdom, that has no expire date, breathed new life into the practice of meditation,
which originally came from the Latin word ‘mederi’ meaning ‘to heal’ and put a touch of Life force and Inspiration
into the simple art of breathing.

Intensity Level : Restorative and Beginner Friendly

Optional Equipment:
Eye Pillow

Digital Download Music Credit
Seven Sacred Centers Album by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
Earth’s Embrace
The Joy of Creation
Divine Love
The Free Air
Deepest Mind
The Ascension
Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Medicine for the Soul Meditation Collection