Peaceful Warrior Yoga Collection

Peaceful Warrior Yoga Collection

Peaceful Warrior Yoga Collection

7 Videos


Join Makita as she guides you to transform your BODY, MIND and LIFE with a full body conditioning
and 20-30 minute creative flow yoga practice.
Flow with breath and body, awakening your vitality.
Cultivate stillness and inner calm to unleash your peaceful warrior.

Rise & Shine Yoga (30.33)
Detox Flow (20.39)
Power Flow ( 26.49)
Sunset Flow ( 20.24)
Yoga Flow ( 20.40)
Heart Flow ( 30.10 )
Stretch + Medit8 ( 30.00 )

This digital collection is available immediately after purchase and consists of 7 Videos ranging from 20-30 minute
videos for daily practice.

Suggested Equipment
Soul Vida Mat
Eye Pillow
Yoga block

Peaceful Warrior Yoga Collection
  • Rise & Shine Yoga

    Rise + Shine Yoga is an inspiring yoga class combining flow yoga to stretch and energize the body, balance and alignment poses to focus and quieten the mind and mindfulness to start your day feeling positively energized, refreshed and calm.

    Level: All Levels (Beginner Friendly)
    Duration: 30.32 m...

  • Detox Flow Yoga

    An energizing flow yoga inspired class supporting body detox, flexibility, alignment and inner calm.

    Level: Open Level
    Duration: 20.39 mins
    Optional Equipment: Soul Vida Yoga Mat, Blanket, Eye Pillow
    Instructor: Makita Gabriel

  • Power Flow Yoga

    A powerhouse mix of active and passive flows, incorporating Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style yoga.

    The balance of challenging, flow and strength blended sequences with longer held poses for synergy and inner balance, together with deep holds and stretching cultivating awareness, poise and inner calm...

  • Sunset Flow Yoga

    A vinyasa -inspired class, for those seeking a balance of restorative and stretch-infused, flows as the sun goes down and day becomes night. Feel the relaxation and release of tension, while building flexibility, alignment, stress release and inner peace.

    Level: Open Level
    Duration: 20.23 min

  • Flow Yoga

    An energizing flow yoga-inspired class, for those seeking an invigorating flow practice infused
    with breath-synchronized transitions, building strength, stamina, flexibility and inner peace.

    Level: Open Level
    Duration: 20.41 mins
    Optional Equipment: Soul Vida Yoga Mat, Blanket, Eye Pillow

  • Stretch & Medit8

    Stretch + Medit8 is a relaxing yin yoga-inspired signature class delivering the best of longer-held stretches and breath-infused guided meditation.

    Peel away years of stress and tension in one easy-to-follow deeply restorative class where you’ll gently stretch the body, calm the mind and surrend...